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Play Viking Lotto - Buy Viking Lotto Tickets Online viking lotto jackpot norge
The estimated odds of striking the much sought Norway lotto jackpot are 7!27!/34! or simply 1 in 5,379,616. With such relatively friendly odds, your fortune-changing prize is …
Norway Lotto Results - Norway Lotto Winning Numbers viking lotto jackpot norge
The Sweden-Viking Lotto jackpot ranges between € 480,000 and €2.4 million. This game offers a winning odd of 1 in 54 for the players. The jackpots have generous roll over rule. In 2010, Sweden-Viking Lotto registered its largest jackpot win worth € 15 Million. The winners get the prize in lump-sum. He has one year to claim the prize if it is below €20,000. He must claim the prize
How to Win Norway Viking Lotto - Smart Luck viking lotto jackpot norge
New Viking Lotto Record Jackpot. A woman from Norway has won more than $41,000,000 in the newest record breaking jackpot prize – this time the lotto game was the exciting VikingLotto that is played by millions each and every week on Wednesdays.
Norway Lotto Results - Norsk Tipping Winning Lottery Numbers
The biggest winner of Norway lotto jackpot took home an unbelievable Nkr 47 Million. Gambling statisticians have mathematically estimated the odds of winning such a jackpot to be 1 in every 5, 379,616_ a figure which is probably in your favour, given the odds in other lotteries.
Norway Lotto: Latest Results & Information - viking-lotto.net
How to Play. To play Vikinglotto, you choose six numbers between 1 and 48, plus one Viking number between 1 and 8. The Viking number is drawn from a separate pool, so …
Norway Viking Lotto Results | magayo viking lotto jackpot norge
Norge Lotto. Norges Lotto-trækninger finder sted lørdag aften kl. 18:00 CET. Det koster 5 kr. at spille, og du kan vinde nogle fantastiske gevinster på tværs af fem forskellige gevinstniveauer.
Viking Lotto Results, Winning Numbers – LotteryPros viking lotto jackpot norge
The jackpot is won if any player matches their 7 numbers with the 7 main numbers that fall from the Norway Lotto drum on a Saturday evening. An 8th number is also drawn and this ball is known as the bonus ball and whilst it has no influence on the jackpot it …
Historie | Vikinglotto viking lotto jackpot norge
Viking Lotto jackpot records. The biggest Viking Lotto jackpot of 216.12 mln Norwegian krone (NOK) or about €23 mln was scooped in May 2013 by the player from Troms.
Vikinglotto: Draws every Wednesday
The Viking Lotto jackpot carries a record of $41 million and the lottery is famous, with huge opportunities for people who are keen in becoming big winners! Go through the winning odds for Sweden Viking Lotto and select your digits to try your luck.
Norsk Tipping Results - Norway Lotto Winning Numbers
The Viking Lotto was the world’s very first multi-national lottery game designed so that a large jackpot lottery could be offered to the whole region of Scandinavia region at the same time as attracting new players and increasing the turnovers of each country’s own national lottery.
Vikinglotto vindertal - onsdags vindertal og jokertal … viking lotto jackpot norge
See the historical Viking Lotto results in magayo Lotto software and play intelligently! Learn more » View the winning Jackpot lottery ticket of our magayo Lotto user …
Viking Lotto – Norsk Tipping - Global Lottery Review viking lotto jackpot norge
The first Lotto draw took place on 19th April 1986. Players had to pick seven numbers between 1 and 34, and two bonus numbers were also drawn at random. The jackpot available then was €52,281 (500,000 kr) for matching all seven main numbers.